Short Story: I went for a walk...

Sep 30, 2013
This always happens when I try to keep myself to myself. I get shown things that the world would disbelieve in a heartbeat. The team of unicorns that roam the fields, for example. Or the army of emerald toads that seek safety in the woods behind my house. I speak these things with the truthful honour that just can’t be faked! Only to be belittled and mocked by my peers. 
This is a TRUE story that happened to me over the summer… When people ask me what I did, I long to tell this story. But knowing how it makes people squirm I make up something about China instead.
I was walking amongst the spoilt bean crops they’d been burnt black and left to disappear. The hill makes me pause to admire the scenery, not because I have the worst fitness level possible and I was wheezing. So I stop and swivel around to look at the countryside when I was lifted up into the air, a mile high. I was astonished, I promise, but as I said these things tend to happen to me so I remained my normal cool self. 
I crouched down to see what had lifted me so high. Palms flat on a course hairy surface, I allowed myself one tiny peek. And, you’re going to have to stay with me now because what I saw you just won’t believe.
I was balanced on the head of a giant giraffe. Please, don’t click away! There’s more… believe it or not.  I could hear her gentle giant breaths, in, out, in, out. Her ears twitched back and forward but she was still besides that, just staring off at the countryside, like I had been. She was waiting for something. 
We waited in silence for about half an hour and then it appeared. Sharp as a crystal blade cutting through the sky with the grace of flowing water. It flew over our heads into the distance. I’d read once about this mighty creature the Glass Eagle, so rare it only reveals itself once every 59 years, and no one ever knows where. Made of glass and as big as a plane, it flew low over us silent and regal. 
And then as it disappeared with a final shine, the giraffe began to make her way back down into the ground. I had of course forgotten I was sitting on her head so opened my mouth and let out a very long stream of air that could have once been a scream. 
And then she was gone. They were both gone. And then I just walked home and wrote what had happened down in my diary because who would believe me? Do you?

Druid Georgi

My name's Georgi. I'm all about stories, nature and not being a horrible person. Grab a coffee, scroll around and laugh at my expense. My life motto is, 'Imagine if I'd done tried or whatever.'