All The Food! - Blogmas Days 5&6

Dec 7, 2017

You know what the best days are in the run-up to Christmas? The days that you forget to eat the chocolate from your advent calendar. Why? Because you get two pieces of chocolate the next day! And this is what today is but in blog form! Three pieces of delicious underprepared, slightly travel-sick, coffee induced advent blogs! The two blogs from the previous days will happen now and then today’s Blogmas will be up later.

I’m going to not do this too often. (People who’ve read me before know that that’s might be a lie… but let’s all pretend I’m competent… It’s Christmas-ish!)

TUESDAY (Blogmas 5)! I didn’t even write a diary for this day! We spent most of the day cooking for our Friend Christmas dinner. I was staying on my friend’s floor and she woke me up with an excellent cooked breakfast which was delightful! Super yummy! And then we headed through the manic of London (it’s the worst you guys! Sorry if you love London but I’m not a fan and this is my blog so… London sucks here!)

We proceeded to eat, drink and chat until we couldn’t move anymore. There was even a fleeting moment when I thought it might not be so bad living in this city if it meant that I got to hang out with my ragtag friends more often. It was fleeting though… I love you all but why you all live somewhere dumb?

WEDNESDAY (Blogmas 6)! This morning I watched a few episodes of Lovesick. Check it out on Netflix if you like harmless British rom-com TV. Then I was on a coach for a million hours to get back home. I read more of The Night Circus and listened to Michael Sheen talk The Book of Dust at me when I couldn’t read anymore.

My Guy got us a bucket of Indian food for dinner and I went into another food coma. I didn’t take any pictures yesterday so you’re going to have to rely on my word for how much food I ate. Bucketful, you guys. BUCKET!

 Thanks for reading the delayed Tuesday and Wednesday. Regular programming will commence shortly.

Please enjoy these food photos.


Epic breakfast…


Is this enough food?


Just my portion of broccoli…


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