A Touch of Christmas - Blogmas Day 7

Dec 8, 2017

Morning everybody! I did it. I made my first Christmas purchase of the season yesterday. I didn’t intend to but here’s what happened.

I went out to buy some hayfever tablets because it never stops for an unlucky few of us… And I stumbled into Tiger. Don’t know Tiger? Find one, visit it, you’re welcome.

And it is here that I made my first purchase. Here’s a picture that I did… I nestled it against the Christmas box my mum forced on me last year which is actually getting some use this year. (It turns out Scrooge isn’t terminal…)


That’s right. I bought stockings. Teeny tiny stockings but stockings nonetheless. I’m not really into big gifts and stuff at Christmas (or ever really…) So I challenged My Guy to fill one of our tiny stockings with fun stuff or foodstuff and I’ll do the same for him.

I spent the afternoon procrastinating from writing the book by writing a short story about a woodworker who became Santa for a season… What’s wrong with me? Am I becoming… Christmassy? Well at least it’s getting nearer… So I feel alright about it… Maybe I’ll find some more decorations or something…

Thanks for reading!  And have a lovely day!

Druid Georgi

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