Whiplash & 20,000 steps in London - Blogmas Day 4

Dec 4, 2017

London gives me whiplash. I go from being the most stressed out person in the whole world to being super chilled. I went from a busy bus route to a relaxing (if a bit over priced) coffee shop. From a mental tube ride to the quietest museum ever. From a train station from hell to a night of board games, lasagne and birthday cake.


Today was actually the first day I saw some real Christmas trees for sale too. I found myself immersed in picking out the good ones from the bad ones like some kind of Christmas crazy. It was quite nice. It made me rethink my no tree rule.

Yes. That’s a thing I have. No tree. Too big. When I get home from London I’ll show you all my Christmas box. If it don’t fit in the box – it don’t belong.

I hope these short travel style blogs are alright. When I get back home I’ll have some better things planned but right now I’m focused on making sure I see all my friends and not getting lost in this big, dumb city.

This was my breakfast today – Smoked Salmon and cream cheese bagel and the smallest long black I’ve ever had. From Brickwood Coffee & Bread in Tooting Market.

Super cute afternoon tea from Bertie & Boo in Balham.

An installation at the Tate Britain that was waaaaay more yellow than this picture suggests!

Thanks for reading everyone!

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