About Being Positive

Aug 27, 2013

I have a ditty or two about positivity that have been saved in my archives for a little while. They may be kind of cheesy but if you don’t like cheese, I don’t like you.

“I used to follow the rain drops as they fell down the windows. It was a game for me, when I was young. I got a childlike delight in watching their path move from beginning to end.

But now I only sit and complain about the rain drops. Their wetness insults me, their sound keeps me awake at night. When did I become such an adult? When did I care so much about the weather? Childhood me would cringe in my presence. ‘We just can’t change the weather,’ she’d say, ‘so stop being so bloody negative.’ When it rains I think about child me and how not to let her down.”

“I have the tendency to be a little bit rocky sometimes. It means that I question my integrity and my ability to achieve what I want to.

It’s not that I don’t have the passion just the motivation gets lost sometimes in the waves of everything else around me.
I am trying though. I’ve got goals, just at this time they feel a little bit too high jump for, or too far down on the ocean floor to swim. 
So I guess I’ll be learning how to fly and how breathe under water to get them, it’s a little harder but success will taste so damn sweet.”

I hope everybody is suitably positive now… or cheesed up. Have a nice day.

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