Computerless and Snowfull - Blogmas Days 8, 9 & 10

Dec 10, 2017

It has been a bit of a weekend, guys!

Friday was a write-off. My computer betrayed me. I have some pretty hefty documents floating around (writing books and screenplays does that) but it’s nothing that my new awesome Razor Blade Stealth laptop can’t handle. Except it couldn’t handle it. It crashed, a lot. And that, coupled with shoddy wifi forced me to write a ‘fix this now’ email to Razer. I hate doing this but it had to be done… I spent too much money to just live with it not working properly. So, Friday was not a fun one for me. I even had a sad nap on the sofa and binge ate cheese puffs. My laptop has to get sent off for repairs soon too which is just awesome. Really… I’m so happy that my 2-month-old laptop has to go away to be repaired. That’s what I wanted when I dropped a ton of money on a hunk of metal and plastic…

So, I’m not over it yet…

Saturday made it better. My friend came to stay which was awesome. I don’t get to spend long amounts of time with my friends these days, we’re all over the place being adults and stuff, so it was nice to see him. We spent the day watching mobster and gangster films and tv shows. Godfather films were top of the watch list. I ate and drank a lot! A LOT! IMG_20171209_211656

(Wine and olives in The Grape Escape, Cheltenham)

Sunday! (Today!) It snowed! Actually, as I’m writing this it’s still snowing! I love snow. It makes everything slow down and for a few days, the country seems to come to a grinding halt. I like the pause. It’s like nature is playing a trick on all of us. My friend went home too which was sad but I don’t think he wanted to get snowed in…

Whilst frolicking in the snow, I learnt that Dr Martin’s are not fully waterproof. I got cold, very wet feet. It was worth it though. I hope it hangs around for a while…

We ran out of food for dinner tonight so we made mac & cheese for dinner. This has been the ultimate comfort weekend. I think that’s what winter is about. Comfort. Hibernation. Frolicking. And calm.

Thanks for reading! This week, let’s make time to be happy and comfortable!

(Daily blogs next week because it’s blogmas not blog-sometimes-mas)

And enjoy these snowy pictures.





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