My Week in Food #2

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It’s so sunny in Cornwall, you guys!


Friday morning breakfast! It’s a staple for me. Scrambled egg, sourdough toast and a tomato. (With coffee!)


Whilst the Sea Shanty Festival is in town we’re getting some more of these food truck! This is my Indian Street Food Meal Deal! Veggie Curry with Onion Bahjis and classic Indian crispy treats! Nom nom nom!


With the closest I’ve come to proper chai in the UK.


Avocado on toast! Breakfast of millennial writers on a diet.


It was so hot. I got a craving. I made it happen. Chocolate milk. Saved me.


Been on the road this week but still managed to get in some food! Sri Lankan ‘Hopper’ which is a pancake with a fried egg in the middle with a bunch of yummy spicy things. At The Coconut Tree.


Classic blurry picture of sushi. (Blurry = Yummy!)


Salmon Avocado Temaki! YUUM! At Kibou.

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