Goals… and other promises – 30 days

I find it incredibly difficult to keep up with new things. I’ll commit to something and then a week later I’ll get bored or stuck and then never do it again. This is a terrible habit and also one that I’m trying to break.

I read somewhere that if you do something everyday for thirty days then you’re more likely to keep it up. This is my plan thirty days of blogging, thirty days of consistent writing, thirty days of content.

Like I’ve mentioned before I’ll be splitting this blog into a few different sections: The Diary, The Reviews and The Writing. I’m also sort of thinking about a little news/info/history section for stuff that I research for some bigger projects, maybe… I don’t know.

The main idea is to keep this a daily blog, at least one post a day but preferably more depending on how boring my day is.

So this is day 2… *shrug*

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