A List of Holland

The last month has been a florescent light and I’ve been staring straight at it so I’ve been a little blinded. It’s fine though. I’ve been blinking lots so hopefully my eyesight will be back soon and I’ll be back on track. I’m trying to piece together a new feature, find a place to live and a job to do, whilst having my brain scrambled from every single direction. It’s all a little time consuming but I’ll figure it out soon. 

I went to Holland for a little while. It rained pretty much the whole time but we still managed to rack up quite a check list of Holland-y activities. I can’t exactly remember why I decided to come home. 
I’ve listed the things we did, they don’t make a lot of sense though they’re not really supposed to.

From the top: Mac and cheese, Anne Frank, excalibar, nearly dying by bike, nearly dying by tram, cute buildings, craft beer, playgrounds, red light district, waffles, watch someone be pushed into a canal, be angry that he was pushed, ipod arm strap, all you can eat sushi, coffee, ‘coffee’, erotic museum, be slightly weirded out by cartoon porn featuring snow white, Flying Pig, beach, more playgrounds, mustard crisps, windmills, counting the murder weapons in windmills, falling down windmills, pancakes, cheese, Duinrell, dragonfly, starfright, moonlight, the sauna, more playgrounds, giant hamster wheel, more sushi then birthday cake, Burton and Veronique, remembering Robin Williams, look at buildings, look at buildings in the rain, look at graffiti in the rain, look at grumpy fish, be cold on the beach but not care, beach shadows, Aladdin without sound and even more sushi.

Have a nice day.

“cute buildings”

“playgrounds, playgrounds and more playgrounds”


“grumpy fish”

“beach shadows”

“Flying Pig”

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