Poetry: A Letter to 16 year old me...

Sep 10, 2014
Dear me from the past, Hi I’m future you,
I know that there’s so much stuff you’ve got to do. 
But I’ve been where you’re going, I know what’s about
To come flying round the corner and hit you straight in the mouth.
But don’t waste your time worrying about what’s yet to come,
Just give all your energy to having shit loads of fun.
It’ll all be okay. Trust me, I know. 
But you might go though stages of feeling desperately low.
These feelings will fade and then come back in force,
That’s just us. Who we are, so let it run its course.

Your friends will be there, learn to trust
That they’ll pick you up from the ground, hold back your hair, learn to adjust 
To the things that will change,
Your home, your family, your life. It’s gunna feel really strange. 
But again, don’t worry, keep your head really high. 
Focus on what you love, need and cherish and you’ll get by. 

If you ever feel like you’re starting to fall.
I’ve got a few things that you can recall.
It’s basically what I just said except I’ve put it in a list,
Life lesson stuff, you’ll get the jist. 

Number 1. 
Try to stop thinking so much about boys,
Never change anything for them, try to be poised
and upbeat and the right one will come.
If they don’t think that you’re awesome then they are just dumb.
They’re not worth your time, or your tears
There are so many more people that will give you the cheers,
You deserve,
When you get what you’ve earned.

Number 2.
I know right now you’re not sure what you want to be when you grow.
But when you figure it out, you’re just gunna know
How awesome it feels when you let out your heart.
You’re different in talent don’t be a la carte.
Don’t be afraid to share all your thoughts,
Have the faith to see past all the sneers, comments and snorts.
Find the confidence to share.
Your art is honest and rare.

Number 3.
We are stubborn. It’s a good thing. 
It means we know what we want but we do have our sting. 
I’m not sure I can help you learn how to yield.
I’m still pretty tough. We’ve still got our shield. 
We’re gunna get hurt so we need to find the strength
to get up and get on. It’s a lengthy
recovery from our troughs to our peaks
But I know you can do it just keep the smile on your cheeks. 
Though don’t get too lazy and keep up your armour. 
I promise it will save you a heap load of drama. 
You are strong, you are great and you’re a fighter.
But don’t be afraid to lean on people it’ll make you lighter. 

Number 4.
Your friends are awesome and unquestionably loyal
But sometimes things’ll happen that mean they will split.
It’s okay. It happens, you’re allowed to drift apart 
and soon you’ll find the friends that will allow you to fart 
whilst you’re watching tv
they’ll make you cups of tea
buy you your biscuits
They’ve got your back and you’ll just admit
That without them you’re missing a piece of your puzzle,
Cuz what’s your existence without your best mates to nuzzle.

Number 5.
You are smart. And I know you don’t think it. 
School doesn’t work for you but please commit. 
Because you’ll realise what you don’t want, what you don’t need and what you didn’t learn.
And you’ll spend the time after school with a burn 
in your head from all the thinking you’ll do,
about everything from time travel to why you are you. 
I’m gunna say it again because I know you don’t agree.
You are smart and I can’t wait for the day you’ll believe me. 

One more thing before I go. 
Because I don’t want to mess with the flow 
of the universe,
I don’t want to make stuff any worse. 
So, find the confidence to stand out from the crowd. 
Go ahead and make yourself proud. 
Please give a few hugs from me,
Mum, dad and James. Jessie and the rest of the friends and the family. 
And I want to say.
That we’re really good at being us.
We’ve got a good heart so that’s a plus. 
And I think that’s the key…
But now I’m rambling, sorry.
Yours sincerely,

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