Wrap Up: May 2019

Jun 6, 2019

Here we go. Wrap Up: May 2019! May, May, May. I have so much to say about this damn May. Let’s go, with this wrap-up!


Work has been a smooth ride this month. After a bit of a professional bummer at the end of April, I had to figure out how to scramble back to business as normal. So I did and kicked it into high gear. This May, I edited three chapters of my novel. That brings me up to over a third done with my edit.

I also started working on a feature screenplay that’s been rumbling around my head for a little while. I wrote the plan when I was studying for my Master’s degree. So, I have the scene breakdown, character profiles and general attitude of the whole thing. It’s been more of a fun screenwriting project than anything serious. I’ve missed the hard rules and restrictions that come with the screenplay format. Which I never thought I’d say.

On the subject of films, a film festival found its way to town at the end of May. And I grabbed a ticket to hear Mike Leigh talk about his films. Mike Leigh! He was quite an inspiring speaker and an obvious film-making genius. I enjoyed seeing him talk, it was a gift to my storytelling energy. Renewed and with a cheeky element, I was lacking before.


Don’t ask me about what I read this month. It’s so sad. I’m so sad. I squeezed in a few short stories but nothing great. I’m behind on my goal. So sad and so embarrassed. Don’t be like me – read often and with passion.

Life Update – Part 1

I moved house. If you read April’s Wrap Up you might remember my complaints about builders. Halfway through May, we decided to move out of our little sandwich flat and into a little box house. A bit impulsive but oh well! It was partly to escape the potential hazard of builders and partly to change stuff up a little bit.

We moved in June, so I’ll leave an update about unpacking and our magical moving company until the end of June. But all the big decisions happened in May.

Top tip for moving house: Buy boxes and use them. I was so reluctant to buy cardboard boxes but it saved my life and my books. Also, do it room by room. Shaving off the crap that’s built up over time and recycle, charity shop or regift that shit. It’s in the way to you but you never know what kid is going to want a slinky.

I wouldn’t recommend our impulsive method of moving house. Generally, think about it thoroughly before paying hefty deposits and packing up all your stuff. But hey! We’re in the new place now, we trimmed our possessions and even have a little garden.

Life Update – Part 2

Intermittent fasting. May had me feeling a little wobbly and I didn’t like it. I needed to shake things up a little bit. The 8fit app (although amazing for meal planning) wasn’t exactly helping me lose weight, just telling me what to eat.

I researched intermittent fasting A LOT before I decided to give it a try.

My relationship with food is linked to my emotional state, so I wasn’t sure if it would work for me. But so far, it’s been two weeks, I’m actually enjoying the process.

Intermittent fasting wears a lot of different hats. I decided to pick the 16-8 one. Which means that I ‘fast’ for 16 hours and have an eating window of 8 hours. So, I stop eating at 8 pm and don’t eat again until 12 pm the next day. Doesn’t sound that hard, does it?

I like this approach to eating because I know my problem ‘areas’ very well. I know that on days when I work from home, I snack all day. Especially mid-morning biscuits. But with intermittent fasting, that’s not going to work. AND, my other problem area is in the evenings, post-dinner TV-watching snacks. Again with IF, I can’t do that either.

Basically, IF is helping me cut out my bad habits. I’ll wait a couple of weeks before I decide if it’s a sustainable habit but right now I’m feeling pretty good about it.


  1. Homemade Bangers and mash. (The perfect rainy day dinner.)
  2. Pesto Pizza. (Brought to you by 8Fit.)
  3. Alcohol-free beer. (Friends, beers and sun. No headaches or bad vibes)
  4. Free People Maxi Skirt. (Spring weather, spring wardrobe.)
  5. Sleeping in pigtails. (Braiding my hair for bed makes for a wavy day.)
  6. Alba Acne Scrub. (Dead winter skin cells be gone!)
  7. Riverdale (OMG that finale!)
  8. John Wick. (100% my favourite action movies ever!)
  9. My sharpie. (Labelling cardboard boxes all month.)
  10. The sun. (Bringing me warmth, joy and tranquillity.)

Goals for June

I’m already a week into June as I’m writing this but I’ve got a busy month ahead so I need to declare my goals anyway.

Next week, I’m working on a film. So my goal is to do my best on that project.

But after that’s wrapped, I’ll be right back on the book train! I WILL get another three chapters edited this month. Bringing me well on my way to finishing my edit in August. (I’ve been telling people July but it’s August.)

Away from work goals, I plan to read more! I’m carving time into my daily routine to read. It’s so important for my job. I HAVE to read more.

If you want to read about my year so far: Start Here

And thanks for reading!

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