With a Gap

Jan 21, 2017

15 days gap. Good job! They last couple of weeks have been dangerously exciting in the real world, I almost forgot the cyber world.

I was working on a film. *Hair swish*. They were really long working days, around 12 hours and when I eventually came home the only thing I wanted to do was eat food, cuddle my man and fall asleep. Luckily for the writer in me, I was at the stage in my book (you know the one that I’m writing) where I had absolutely no fucking idea what was going on or what was coming next.

This busy week was my sanity saver.

Today I’m working on some rhyming children’s poetry in an attempt to get some clarity on my bigger projects. Don’t ask. I just want an excuse to rhyme stuff. I never get to rhyme stuff.

Okay that’s all !  I’ve gotta go back and figure out my movie/tv show list…


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