Television Review: Why I love Adventure Time

Mar 16, 2015
These are the Princesses of Adventure Time. Colourful bunch, ey? They’re all different, they’ve all got their ‘thing’ and they are all completely fabulous. 
See, I’ve got a general problem with the whole Princess thing. It just leaves a bad taste in my mouth, I’m not on board with the whole changing yourself for your man thing, or the whole ‘image of perfection’ thing, or the whole ‘damsel in distress’ thing. 
The Adventure Time Princesses aren’t like that. Sure, they get kidnapped by the Ice King quite a lot and often get saved by Finn and Jake but they never become the rewards or tokens. They just go on with their days being all fabulous and shit. 
And as Disney Princesses are teaching us to idolise ‘perfection’ in both image and in the way we live and teach us to cover up who we really are. 
Adventure Time Princesses teach us to wear our weirdness on our sleeves. Adventure Time changes the whole meaning of the word princess. It releases every ounce of conformity that has been established by their big sisters and replaces it with individuality. 
Adventure Time leads the way to a new era of weird, colourful, bizarre princesses with attitude, independence and flare. They tell us that if we want to, we can be the princess of anything. We just have to love it. 
Pretty neat message. I think.

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