Book Review: Illustrated Philosopher's Stone

Oct 6, 2015
Like countless others, I nearly peed when I heard that a special illustrated edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was going to grace our lives. The Philosopher’s Stone has always been my favourite Harry Potter book so this new version has completely warmed the frosty depths of my dark and cranky soul. Just in time for Halloween too.
The beloved story is complimented with stunning watercolour illustrations by Jim Kay. They are scribbly and splashy and fabulous. The iconic Harry Potter images are completely reimagined from Rowling’s words and do not copy the familiar images found in the films.  
The pages of Diagon Ally are incredible and capture the true magical, messy essence that I’ve always imagined the street to be. Everything is a little bit wonky and there are umbrellas, clocks, mirrors and seemingly dancing plant pots dotted around the two pages. The only thing that’s wrong with it, is that I am unable to dive inside and wonder around for myself. Though, I suppose you could say that’s the flaw of any good book. 
Another awesome feature are the illustrations from the various magical books found in the Hogwarts Library. There are illustrations from Dragon Breeds in UK and Ireland, Newt Scamander’s Guide to Trolls and Dragon Breeding for Pleasure and Profit. And they’re all perfect.
I read a lot of books, most of the time I have about four on the go. But I hardly ever write about them. Then new pictures appear in Harry Potter; a story I’ve read a million times and know it inside-out, back-to-front, bottoms-up and scramble-dambled, and I’m ready to put the book on the floor and attempt to jump into it once more. 
Not many books can do that to a fully grown, semi-fuctional human adult-child… 
I’ve added my favourite image from the book and there are more on Jim Kay’s website: Jim Kay
But I highly, toply, mountainly recommend buying a copy of this fabulous edition, the Chamber of Secrets will be out next year. They are set to become collectables for HP fanatics everywhere! (That’s HP, Harry Potter, not HP, the sauce.)
Buy it here: Book Book Book!

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