**WHOOPS** Lazy Girl Does "The Minimalist Challenge" - Days 17 & 18

May 10, 2015
**I forgot to upload this… So it’s now coming to you after days 19 & 20 where I promised to be less shit… HA! I think I should just… not and stuff. **
Practice single-tasking
Unfollow and unfriend
Day 17
Yesterday was a strange day. It was a day where I was unable to watch Netflix and play on Candy Crush at the same time.
It was a day where listening to the radio and reading a book were to things I could not do simultaneously. I could not eat and watch tv. Or go to the toilet and check Facebook. Buuuut I could do these tasks independently of each other. Borrring! 
What?? It was?! No, I know. I’ve got to have a minimalist attitude towards stuff. I found it really challenging. I multitask Without realising it most of the time. 
I made sure I only ever had on tab open at a time. If I was doing screen work (which I was for most of the day) I checked on my focus. Was I really paying attention to my task? Or was I procrastinating? 
I’m not sure the quality of my work improved but the quality of attention definitely did. I also realised how crap my attention span is. It took me 50 minutes to watch a 20 minute Community episode because I kept closing it to do other things. I think I should work on it… I know it’s supposed to be beneficial for productivity. 
Day 18
I have a maximum of 30 friends in real life. 
Probably less. I don’t think counting by name will do much for my self-esteem. 
On Facebook I have 258. There are people I met traveling who I keep on Facebook. A lot of them are still doing awesome things and I like to watch them creepily from the sidelines. 
I had an incident about two years ago where I deleted a bunch of people from Facebook. I had around 400 friends. And this conversation happened. Where someone pointedly asked why I had ‘deleted’ them from Facebook. In all honesty I just found them really annoying and didn’t appreciate their presence. But having to explain that they don’t ‘make the cut’ in my friendship list wasn’t my favourite thing to do. Especially when I keep that-guy-that-I-met-on-that-night-out-in-Manchester-that-one-time because he posts semi-entertaining photos of his pet rabbit. I don’t know. Recently I’ve even though about getting rid of Facebook altogether. I don’t like the person I am when I’m on it. But for the sake of this day I’ll do an unfriending thing. 
And the same on Twitter.


Not Pinterest though. I like everyone I follow on Pinterest, there’s no room for unfollowing.
I think I nailed this day!

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