Lazy Girl Does "The Minimalist Challenge" - Day 21

May 11, 2015
Journal for 20 minutes
You’ve probably all figured out by now that I’m not that great at remembering to do stuff. I find myself in a kind of constant “I’ve definitely forgotten to do something today” state daily. So it might be a surprise that to find out that when I was a young girl I kept a daily, (yes daily!) diary or journal. I urge anyone who also kept a diary when they were a teenager to go back and read it because it’s the single most entertaining thing you can ever do. The habit of daily journaling has been lost on me for quite a few years as other writing mediums took over. I still write every day but it’s been a while since I’ve journaled. 
Whilst I was waiting for my hash browns to cook I scribbled down some journal-y thoughts and feelings in my Everything Notebook. (Yes, I have names for my notebooks, don’t get judgy!) After 20 minutes, I actually begun feel a lot better about my weird scrambled thoughts. When you are putting thoughts onto paper, you are making the conscious decision to actually listen to yourself. Things get less messy in your head. 
I know journaling can mean a lot of different things. 
To me, it will always be what it was when I was a kid. That place where I can go to tell my whole truth and feel no judgment or embarrassment. To me, a journal is a big hug, a place of safety. It’s a friend when you need one and (if you’re a little… umm… angry like me) a place to vent your frustrations. Many a page has been ripped by a mass of scribbles in my childhood journals.
So, I’m fully on board with this task. I get that it’s minimalist, helping to get rid of the mental scribbles that can clutter life.
That’s all I guess.


Oh! I’m just gunna leave this article from Psych Central about the health benefits of journaling.

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