Video Game Review: To The Moon

Jan 24, 2018

To The Moon is a story-driven RPG game ‘experience’ that came out in 2011.

I’m playing it now because I’m on a game writing course and it was for research. Definitely research. I’m not lying at all when I say that this was for research… I definitely didn’t spend all morning playing this game because I really wanted to… No, it was for researchResearch

Here’s a brief outline of the premise:

Dr Watts and Dr Rosalene are hired to fulfil Johnny’s dying wish; to be sent to the moon. Using Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind-style memory-altering technology. But Johnny doesn’t know why he wants to go to the moon – and he’s stuck in a coma – so it’s up to Watts and Rosalene to unpack his memories and figure out why.

So we play as Watts and Rosalene, have to collect Johnny’s memories and try to piece together the missing bits…

Here’s what you need to know before playing the game:

  • 4 hours play time
  • Windows/Mac/Linux/Phone!
  • Wear headphone, because the sound design is great!
  • Let the story take over – and get invested in it
  • There’s a lot of clicking and searching
  • And puzzles…
  • And rabbits…

That’s about it. It’s simple and lovely and has a great soundtrack. If you don’t mind games where the story is decided and you’re just going along for the ride – give it a go! Get some tissues ready, because it’s a sad one. Or just ugly cry into your pyjamas like I did!

(Images from Freebird Games)

Thanks for reading!

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