Book Review: The End We Start From

May 31, 2018

The is a short book review for The End We Start From by Megan Hunter.

It’s a dystopian novel set in a future where the world is slowly being submerged in water. But when the waters start to rise much faster than everyone feared a woman, her newborn ‘Z’ and her husband ‘R’ must flee their London home to the safety in the north.

I read this book in basically one sitting, it’s only about 120 pages. It left me with a slightly eerie emptiness that I think is intentional. So it was a pretty interesting experience for a Friday afternoon.

The book is written in one sentence paragraphs, the information is sparse as we follow the new mother across the country which  I thought reflected her current state of mind. Recoiling into a nothingness that has only two goals; survival and motherhood.

It was a really good read and I do recommend it. You have to work your imagination quite hard to fill in the details of the world and the characters but I believe this was totally intentional.  It makes the ride more personal, at least it did for me.

This book is great for people who love to read but have commitment issues because of its length and how neat of a parcel it is. It has definitely sparked my interest in shorter books that’s for sure!

Thanks for reading about this apocalyptic gem!

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