The Santas of Reality - Blogmas Day 19

Dec 19, 2017

Hi Guys! Because I’m a bad human in all areas of my life (not just the blogsphere) I’ve spent the morning frantically buying Christmas presents for my family and paying extra for express shipping… Yep, that’s right…

I’m one of those people.

I know the postal/delivery workers worst nightmare but I think I’m done now  I just have to go outside and buy the consumables I need to make some chocolates and mince pies, because I still haven’t done that, and then wrap stuff. All before Saturday because that’s when family start arriving.

The weekend went so quickly! And to be honest, I didn’t really get up to much. We mostly stayed in playing games and eating mince pies. We did go to the cinema to see the new Star Wars, it was quite epic! I managed to devour an entire packet of mini KitKats I’d smuggled in, in about 30 minutes.

Here are some stand out photos from the weekend!


Toast and marmalade! I haven’t had this for so long!


Playing an impromptu D&D session with 2 people. It’s still fun even only with two! It was a super low tech set-up and it just goes to show that to play d&d you really only need dice, paper and a pencil… (oh and the handbook.)


D&D Caramel waffle snack!


Coasters make great terrains!

This week will be frantic and I will forget to post one some days! But don’t worry! I’ll be around to annoy you!

Thanks for reading guys! And please don’t be a bad Christmas shopper like me! Or if you are, be kind to the delivery people; they are the Santas of reality.

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