Little Double - Blogmas Days 14 & 15

Dec 15, 2017

A short one for the past few days guys! Trying to catch up!

Thursday 14th December – This was a chilled day. Hannah was here so we got a breakfast at Curious Cafe and a dinner at Big Fish. Food is the most important thing about this day… well food and Christmas gifts! Here’s my gift haul from Han:


I’m thinking about glueing my little blind box stuff together because I will FOR SURE knock it over and lose stuff eventually. What is it about stuff with faces that I love so much? Can someone unpack this for me?

Friday 15th December – Also a chilled day. I’ve been waking up nice and early at the moment and I’m really liking the peace and quiet of the mornings… Who’d have thought?! Went to Black & Gold to write today. I’m working towards the BBC Writer’s Room Drama deadline for my kid’s story so it was actually quite nice to get out of the house to focus on it. I’ve not really spent much time with my screenplay recently so it was strange to go back to but hopefully, I’ll be able to polish it up in time.

Oh here’s some pink lemonade and a cherry bakewell slice:


Hanging out with the Critical Role Battle Royale episode tonight and staying away from the freezy cold!

Thanks for reading and have a lovely weekend!

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