Poetry: The Gingerbread Man

Dec 19, 2013

It’s christmas time,
We know that well.
And there’s one thing I’ve got to say.
That if you are mad,
Angry or sad.
You know folks yell, “go away.”

So to get through,
This time of pain.
I know of a trick, or two.
This ones the best, 
You may have guessed. 
The title’s a handy clue. 

First you’ll need a
Gingerbread Man.
With arms, and legs and a head.
Some have two eyes,
A fooling guise,
But he is still made of bread.

Bite off his legs.
Yes, one by one.
To stop him running away.
He may scream loud.
Ignore that sound.
Remember you don’t like this day.

Take off his arms.
Chew them up.
He’ll probably be crying by now.
All that is left,
The body & head.
How far can your conscience allow?

Dunk his poor head,
Into hot tea,
And hold it down for a while.
It might drop off,
So there’ll be less to scoff.
But hey, it’ll make you smile.

If the jingles continue.
And you have it in you.
To torture an innocent soul.
The gingerbread guy.
Is waiting to die,
So you can fill up that hole.

Merry Christmas Scrooges.

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Druid Georgi

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