Teeny bit of Chocolate. Wellness Challenge 2019: Day 5

Jul 6, 2019

Wellness Challenge 2019: Day 5

Teeny bit of Chocolate

This is my Wellness Challenge 2019: Day 5. NYT makes day 5 another “Move” challenge. This one centred around reward. As with most of the days in this wellness challenge, the focus is on building habits that last. And because we’re all massive babies when it comes to moving around; we need a little more of a push to make exercise one of our daily habits.

It sounds sad, but this is what they’re claiming and it fits for me. The exercises are pretty similar to the other ones we’ve done this week. Seven-minute interval workouts with a yoga cool down at the end. It’s not high intensity in any sense of the word. But it makes for a nice start to the day.

What I thought

A reward after a workout sounds glorious. Except, I know myself. I know what type of eater I am. And I know, that if I plant the “reward seed” in my head then it will grow and grow. One tiny square of chocolate becomes two, then before I know it I’m eating half a bar and then having my healthy breakfast…

So, I decided to make a smoothie as a reward. A chocolate smoothie. With two bananas and my last bit of peanut butter. Whilst I was making my smoothie, I was thinking about the waffles in my cupboard and how easy it would be to eat them instead and then I thought about pancakes which I prefer to waffles… See what I mean? I can’t trust myself to make it a little reward. So I’m giving myself the hint of chocolate… the possibility of chocolate.

Overall, I do like the idea. I might have to tweak the reward though. Something like, “Only on exercise days you get to add chocolate powder to your smoothie.” Or, “Only on exercise days, you get to use the good mug with your coffee or wear the socks with Totoro faces on them.”

But if I do a little bit of exercise every day, then every day I’ll get a special reward… So is it really that special…?

Thanks for reading!!

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