Poetry: Old Friends

Oct 7, 2014
Hello, old friend. 
Freckled with stars and planets.
It’s so wonderful to see you again.

(Do you smell like a memory? 
Do you feel like a memory?

Something soothing like spiced apple cider in the cold. 
Something sentimental like a school time snow day. 
You remind me of comfort, old friend.
You remind me of… being happy.
I’ll bring you over my head and be blanketed by your happiness.
You will hug me close and I will feel the warmth of your past. 
And I will fake happiness.

(So am I sad today? 
Am I alone?

But I can’t feel it. 
Because I’m protected by you.
My old friend.

Druid Georgi

My name's Georgi. I'm all about stories, nature and not being a horrible person. Grab a coffee, scroll around and laugh at my expense. My life motto is, 'Imagine if I'd done tried or whatever.'