Midday Meditations. Wellness Challenge 2019: Day 7

Jul 8, 2019

Wellness Challenge 2019: Day 7

Midday Meditations

For my Wellness Challenge 2019: Day 7 task; I’ve got to meditate. When I sit down and close my eyes to meditate, I fidget and my mind strays off the path. Sometimes searching for sleep other times searching for ways to play with my emotions. But the NYT Well Challenge calls for a 4-minuterefreshmeditation so here we are.

This task is all about mindful meditation. The focus is on the present moment. It’s a really simple meditation that you can slot into a morning or evening routine. And it’s only four minutes so it’ll barely get in the way. Imagine the times you’re mindlessly scrolling on Instagram. Now imagine that instead of a mindless moment you can have a mindful moment, breathing deeply and forgetting about your worries. Sounds good right?!

What I thought

Today, I did this meditation in the middle of the day, at around 3 pm – the time I start to feel the most sluggish and the most grumpy with the world. Taking four minutes to look away from my screen, stop thinking about my schedule and focus on what’s going on inside was really refreshing.

I tend to get bogged down with the future. What am I doing tomorrow? When should I send these emails? What have I forgotten about? etc. It’s paralysing. I can see very clearly the moments where I’m about to spiral downwards into a ‘funk’ that ends with me slamming my laptop shut and slumping on the sofa.

Enter meditation. I can’t lie and say that I don’t want to slump and slam stuff, but the meditation did help to reset my mind. Even if it’s only enough for me to write this blog post. I think meditation has a really important impact on my life. Yet, I barely do it. At least, I don’t do it in this way. Sitting with my eyes closed, listening to my breathing. I like to take a walk, where I point out objects on my way, or feel my footsteps or something. I like to cook, where I’m focusing on the now… It’s meditative for me. The rhythm of movement; walking, stirring, chopping.

I don’t know if it’s the same. But it makes me feel the same… So, I guess it is?

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