Lazy Girl Does "The Minimalist Challenge" - Days 9 - 12 (Also I'm sorry)

May 2, 2015
Downsize your Beauty Collection
No E-mail or Social Media until Lunch
Evaluate your Commitments
Define your Goals for this Year

Four days of minimal activity… Get it? Get it?
So Day 9…
Pretty straight forward for me. I don’t really have a lot of excess “beauty” stuff. I chucked away all of the empty bottles of shampoo that littered the floor of my shower. That’s about all really. Though I did have a moment of wanting to sweep my (limited) makeup and “beauty” stuff into the bin and say fuck it to that world. I didn’t though. Perhaps I should…

Day 10…
Easy! Done it! No problem. I like this no social media thing, there’s less heartache. 

Day 11…
Evaluating my commitments. 
My biggest commitment is my dog. She farts too much and thinks that nibbling my hand is comforting. Her favourite place to sit is on my lap. As a Lab X Weimaraner she’s really too big for my lap but she does it anyway. I’m not really sure that evaluating Poppy is what day 11 is asking me to do but I’m wavering around the subject because I don’t want to do it.

I’m committed to writing. To making something of my writing. So far though I’m really not doing much about it other than becoming a regular in my coffee shop and clacking away for 5 hours everyday. I suck at finishing things but am always working to improve that, I already know that’s my biggest flaw as a human. 

HA! Oh this is fun.

So I’ve just googles “Evaluating your commitments” because I’m struggling. There’s not a lot of help. See. Here’s the thing. I’m in a rut. A big, old, damp, dark hole. It’s not nice down here, DON’T JOIN ME. But now I’ve got to evaluate my commitments. 

I was going to comedy my way around this but fuck it. It’s hard. I’ve been stuck in my little rut for a while and trying to claw my way out is just really fucking hard. So I stay. I’m surrounded by my boyfriend (Netflix) and my friends (Cheese Puffs) and am committed to watching every shitty tv show ever made. If I were to evaluate that… well… HA! 

So yeah. There you go. My commitments unevaluated because they are laughable. 

So next in this entry of Lazy Girl is IRONY. Because now I have to define my life goals for this year. 

HA! HA! Ha.

Day 12. 
My goal for this year is not to get stuck in ruts. Ideally I’d like to not be at home. If I don’t get into my masters course I’m going to travel somewhere far away and without internet. Slap myself into shape. 

Maybe I should redo days 11 and 12 when I’m less annoyed with life? Might be wise…

Let’s end on a fun note. 
My morning song was “Hold my Hand” by Hootie and the Blowfish. 
It’s not their fault I’m in such a terrible mood.

Have a non-pointless day.

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