Lazy Girl Does "The Minimalist Challenge" - Days 13 - 16

May 6, 2015
Clean out your closet
Take a step towards learning a new skill
Examine your daily habits
Don’t buy anything for 24 hours
Day 13. 
Cleaning out my closet… or wardrobe, I prefer wardrobe a little satisfying. Not as satisfying as it could have been because sadly I’d done a massive clean out last month. There are some things that I’d decided to keep but then haven’t worn so they’re gone. Well, they’re not gone yet I have yet to decide whether to eBay them or take them to my favourite charity shop. I’ll probably end up taking them to the charity shop. So, Yeah it was cleansing.
Day 14. 
Learning new skills. Yes. I’m actually trying to rediscover old skills, plural. I’m learning french. I bought an app and everything!One of the things I want to achieve in life (HA! BA! I hate writing that.) is learning another language. I always get so jealous of people that are bi-lingual. So yes. I’m learning french. Yesterday I watched the episode of Community where they take pottery class and that has made me want to take up pottery. I used to enjoy clay at school, eons ago, so I took a step towards starting a pottery class… I googled “Pottery classes”. So whoop!
Day 15.
Examining my daily habits has got to be one of the most panicky things I’ve done. Here’s some of the things I do as a human:
I drink too much tea
I am on my computer way too much (specifically Facebook)
I am on my phone way too much
I can do nothing useful in the day without having a shower
I am unable to watch just one episode of something
I talk to myself
I pick at my fingernails when I get anxious/annoyed/contemplative/bored
I spend a lot of time on my own
I can justify pretty much all of the things I do
I really like my bed/duvet
These don’t seem like very enlightening examinations but hey! I’m totally okay with that. My habits are my habits. I will make it a habit to write this blog EVERYDAY from now on. It’s a little ridiculous that I’m doing 4 days in one.
Day 16.
Today, I must spend nothing! My 24 hours started from the moment I woke up which was at 8:30am. I wasn’t really planning on doing anything that involved spending today. I am going to make some biscuits or something. Find my plan for my shitty two week screenplay and finish my shitty two week screenplay. 
Zero spending involved.
Perhaps I should challenge myself and leave the house for some reason. I don’t know we’ll see. I’ll update later. I can tell you’re all ACHING to know.
Okay, that’s all.

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