Lazy Girl does "The Minimalist Challenge" - Days 6 & 7

Apr 27, 2015
Follow a morning ritual
Streamline your reading list
I suck at mornings. My idea of a ‘ritual’ for the time of the day before 12 is to wake up, roll over and go back to that dream I was having where everybody had six fingers. I am also my least eloquent at this time. If anyone tries to have any kind of intelligent conversation with me, pre-tea, they usually end up getting disjointed grumblings. Which are very stressful for all involved.
Here’s my morning routine:
Wake up. (If you remember your dream write it down.)
Listen to morning song. (Just something happy to start the day.)
Tea. (Play with puppy.)
And then it’s just usual day things.
There’s nothing really ground breaking about I this. I am consciously not using the Internet/technology in the morning unless it’s work related or I desperately have to finish a tv show I fell asleep watching the night before. I’ll have to do this routine for a while in order to reap the benefits.
One day does not a routine make.
I got a little excited about day 7. I’m doing it at the moment. I’ve streamlined the crap out of my books and out of this challenge in general.
As well as a list of next 5 books to read, I’m only going and organising my obscene book and DVD collection and it feels amazing! Remember what I said the theme for this 30 day challenge was? It’s still happening.
So here’s my list:
Laine Paull “The Bees”
Carrie Hope Fletcher “All She Knows”
Caitlin Moran “How to Build a Girl”
Phillip K. Dick “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?”
George RR Martin “Clash of Kings”
Three of these books are E-books. I’ve never read an E-book before. I might write something about this at a point…
Okay that’s all for now. I might post before and after pictures of my bookshelf later too.
Lots of mights today.

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