I'm committed to stuff! The Minimalist Challenge: Day 11

Feb 9, 2017

Day 11: Evaluate your commitments

Commitments. Commitments, commitments, commitments.

I’ve got a few.

  • Me. I’m committed to making me the happiest version of myself. It’s a long haul. But here’s how I try: Being unapologetic in the things that I love, Tea and Books. Exercise might be something I’d like to do to improve myself more….
  • My relationship. We’re pretty committed to each other. He followed me down the country. The best thing about us is that we both know how to be together and how to be alone. He makes me better at my work and I draw cats on his.
  • My Novel. This is a fairly new thing. I wouldn’t call my current relationship to writing ‘committed’. I have been flaky and annoying. I think this is because I’ve not focused on one specific thing and I rarely finish stuff.  But by committing myself to one thing I’m hoping that it will make me a more disciplined writer.
  • My Masters Degree. Sort of seems like a burden to me right now and an expensive one at that. It probably feels like a burden because I don’t always have my attention on the work. I’d like to change that. It is my degree after all.
  • This Blog. I’m trying to make this a safe and happy place. It’s fun too. I’m committed to posting things, hopefully some of them are interesting. I’d love for the website to grow and I’m looking into ways of making that happen.

It’s a small one today. I’m all worded out.

Thanks for reading.

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