I got sick! The Minimalist Challenge: Day 12

Feb 14, 2017

I got sick so I stopped writing words. It’s all very annoying but I’m continuing my challenge at Day 12. I might try to catch up with the days so I can still finish the challenge when the month ends. So I’ll be smushing a few challenges together… Is that minimalist? Probably not.

Day 12: Define your goals for this year

My goals for this year are fairly simple. I’ve tried to make them specific as possible because previous goals I’ve made have been kind of vague which has made them difficult to achieve.

  • Be a Master! Completing my masters degree should be my top goal for the year. I want to come away with a makable and marketable screenplay and an interesting portfolio of work. This goal will be achieved by September!
  • Finish a first/second draft my novel. I will do this because I love it. Never mind the blood, sweat, tears. Because I’ve got little idea of how long it’s going to be I’m trying out a reward style motivation for when I hit certain word counts. By December I’m hoping to have something resembling a book-type-thing. Books are typically between 70,000 and 90,000 words so when I hit that range I’ll be good. This isn’t vague! Is it?
  • Lose 10kg (1.5 stone). I’m not overweight but I’m definitely unfit. So this goal is more about doing exercise than dieting but having a numbered goal in mind is more motivating. I’m going to say September for this too. I’m looking to make a lifestyle change not a quick fix.
  • Downsize. I moved house last year and I know I’ve got to move again in September. It was a massive faff last time. We have so much random crap that been sat in boxes for 5 months now that I want to be gone before we have to move again.

So that’s my long term goals for this year. I’m trying to break these down into easier short term goals but you know what it’s like when life kind of gets in the way, organisation gets kicked to the curb.

Sorry about the lack of posts but I’m better now and ready to get back on track!

Thanks for reading!

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