How to Reduce: Getting to Grips with Recycling

Jan 17, 2018

This is what I was working with.

Let’s do some stuff.


Let me explain. I have the best of intentions when it comes to recycling. I like to do it myself. Where I live you just get one box for everything and they’re inconsistent with collection times so it can end up sitting out in the rain for a couple of days if you’re unlucky.

So we try to collect up our recycling and take it to one of the banks that are nearby. This photo is the aftermath of Christmas and the flu-ridden first half of January. So my first challenge was to tidy this. Everything (minus the socks and pants) in this area has gotta go!

Here’s how I did:


Not bad for a start, ey? All I did was organise it but it makes a huge difference. I’ll take it to my favourite recycling centre on another day.

I’m still trying to figure out what to do with bubble wrap though?! Any suggestions?

Based on my very successful organising skills. I now have a few tips for getting to grips with recycling:

  • Rinse everything – especially tins, bottles and jars. Otherwise, it will stink!
  • Squash everything – plastic bottles, cartons, cardboard, cans. For more space.
    • (Hot tip: Scrunch foil into one big ball.)
  • Separate – At my recycling place they have Paper, Plastic, Cardboard, Metal and Cartons and Glass – so I have one container for each of those. Making life easier.
  • Routine – Get into a rhythm with it. Most supermarkets have some form of recycling so if you’re going there anyway…? Why not? To just do it.
  • Research – Your local recycling banks before you go! To not look like an idiot…
  • Replace/Refuse – Nip it in the bud. Opt the product with the least annoying packaging or try no packaging at all! And DON’T take any damn plastic bags! To not have any of this crap in the first place.

Here’s a list of resources I’ve found useful today:

I hope this was informative, or something.

Thanks for reading!

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