Life: Tidying My Room

Jul 23, 2014

My time in Falmouth has nearly come to an end. It’s been awesome but I’m not going to spend a whole lot of time typing about it. I think the lack of blog entries speaks for itself really. Anyway, I’ve spent a little bit of time tidying out the room I’ve been living in for two years. 

I don’t have a before and after photo (though I wish I did because the change is pretty massive). But here’s a link to me doing a similar clean out two years ago when I moved out of halls, so you can really get the gist of what a pig I am.
(copy and paste into your browser because I’m inept)

You would think I’d have learnt how not to be messy but I’ve definitely only got worse. 
I hear you screaming, ‘what’s the point of these words!?’ So, I’ll get on with it shall I?

Basically I just found a lot of stuff under my bed (mostly very dusty socks, various chocolate wrappers and hairbands) and I’m going to show them to you. I thought you might like to see some of them and I’M JUST NICE LIKE THAT.

I took pictures of myself with them too, KAY!? 

A 3D poster of Gandalf in The Hobbit I was sure somebody stole during a party this one time.
The newest albums of my favourite boys (Jack and Frank) clearly showing my dedication to their musical art… ehem.
My glasses. I’d replaced them a few months ago. £45 poorer because I lost these. Feeling pretty stupid right now.
My smashed up old phone. Poor baby, it looks so sad.
Annnnd the most stupid (but also lucky find) my bank card which I was convinced I’d left at the Chinese Take-away but hadn’t bothered to check up on. 

(Hope if you read this you enjoyed this… sometimes I think I might be talking to myself. Well me, and my mum. Hi Mum!)

Okay that’s it really. 

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