October Goals!

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How is it October already? I don’t understand this year at all. It’s going really fast. I feel about ten times older and I’m moving a lot slower than the rest of the world.

October is one of my favourites. Everything is orange and purple. Magic is slowly creeping into the air. And I don’t feel quite so bad about staying inside and not participating with the world.

This October a few very fun things are happening. I’m returning (briefly) to Waterstones for the Cheltenham Literature Festival which I am extremely excited about. My friends are getting married and I’m a bridesmaid. THEN! If everything goes to plan… My book will be done! (And by ‘done’ as always I mean the first draft…)

And then, of course, Halloween!

I made this little guy to get me in the magical spirit! It’s complete coincidence that he fits nicely onto the squares of our D&D battle board…

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