Book Haul: March 2017

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It’s been a pretty busy month, work wise. I’m knee deep in essays and screenplays and the glorious Cornish, spring sun…

Okay, so I’ve put a book limit on myself because of the ridiculous amount of books I’ve acquired over the years. But, I’m still me and going a whole month without buying at least one book is just not a thing I know how to do. So here’s my modest book haul for March!


The Good, the Bad and the Smug by Tom Holt. I really like Tom Holt, I’ve read a couple of his books previously and saw this one in a second-hand bookshop. It was 50p!! All the books were 50p!! I’m shocked I only came away with one to be honest.

Never Goodnight by Coco Moodysson. This book was made into an awesome film called We Are the Best! Punkettes kicking ass and being awesome in Sweden. This graphic novel is lovely and lively and fun. It’s also helping me with my coursework but that’s here nor there.

Tomboy by Liz Prince. Another graphic novel. This one I’ve seen memes of everywhere and wanted to check it out. It’s very funny and very relatable. Again it’s also helping me with my coursework but I kind of wanted it anyway.

The Dungeons and Dragons Player’s Handbook by Wizards of the Coast. We already have one of these. But we need another because we’re starting a campaign with 6 people. This one is not going to help me with my coursework but it will help with nerd stuff.

Modest, right?!

That’s all for now. Hopefully I’ll be a little more diligent in uploading posts next month after all this work had disappeared.

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