Book Review: Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman

Feb 27, 2017

Norse Mythology is Neil Gaiman’s new collection of stories, this time the retelling of a some tales from Norse mythology. I love Neil Gaiman. I look to him for inspiration and he has never disappointed me. And this collection is just a brilliant fusion of two things I absolutely love. Gaiman, obviously, and mythology.

It’s an easy read. It took me maybe half a day to read, with a few tea stops and breaks to recite my favourite bits to my partner, and it was a joy. Every story felt like mythological writing, as it should, with bites of ancient culture with poetic sentencing and outrageous characters. But Gaiman shone through too. His style of writing suits mythology so well I wonder if he’ll rewrite every mythology in the world just as a gift to me… That would be awesome…

There are 16 stories. In which you learn about the beginning of the world and the gods to the very end; Ragnrok. You’ll meet Odin, Thor and Loki. Frey and Freya. Their children. You’ll encounter dwarves, giants and wolves. You’ll learn of treasures so desirable that you which you were a freaking Norse goddess so that you might get your hands on them.

And you don’t have to read them all at once, like I did. You can take your time. One with a coffee break at work. etc etc. I completely recommend this.

What I find great about this book is that it’s an introduction into the world of Norse Mythology. From it (besides amazing story-telling) you get a structure of the world, its values and its downfalls. You know there are more stories hidden between the lines and Gaiman encourages you to find out more for yourself. Because with mythology you don’t ever invest in one story you’ll find that every story is linked and just waiting for you to discover them.

I love this book.

Check it out!!*  :  Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman

*Remember I’m affiliated with Waterstones so… yeah! Waterstones…

**Also I just want to show you how shiny Mjollnir is! Well Mjollnir plus the good Cornish sunshine.


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