Quiet time with my novel! The Minimalist Challenge: Day 10

Day 10: No email or social media until lunch

This morning was cool. I completed my morning ritual but I swapped out reading for writing, I even did some brew meditation. Then I had to go shopping. I’d planned with my friend where to meet and then we headed out into the small world of costume shops. Cornwall doesn’t really have many but we managed. I need to transform myself into Dana Scully from the The X-Files for a murder mystery party tonight.


Here’s Dana. I don’t look like her… But I guess that’s what costume shops are for.  I really didn’t want to buy things that I knew I would never use again so I’m making my FBI badge and picked a gun that I could repackage and give to a charity shop. I decided against the auburn bob, wigs don’t really feature much in my life. But I’ve got my suit and I’m ready to get my pout on.

I even went on a sneak trip to Waterstones get my copy of Neil Gaiman’s new Norse Mythology. It’s so pretty, you guys! That’s my last book for the month! But I’ll try and squeeze in some reviews like I promised!

All of that before lunch! I didn’t miss social media… except for YouTube which I usually watch in the mornings, but is that social media? Maybe not? I didn’t use it anyway. I worked on my novel!

Tomorrow is all about commitments!! But for now I’ll get back to my novel…!


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