Lazy Girl Does "The Minimalist Challenge" – Days 19 & 20

Days 19 & 20
Go for a walk and practice mindfulness
Don’t watch tv all day, read instead
Ah, shitters! Yesterday was on of the few days I didn’t go for a walk. Though I hasten to add that on my walks I don’t tend to practice mindfulness. Instead I imagine. It’s more fun. I also like standing in really deep bits of mud for the squelchy noise that happens when you pull your boot out. 
Also, I finished the final season of Community this morning so I’ve totally failed today’s objective too. I’ll start from 10 am no TVV for 24 hours. Boom! And when I get home from work I’ll go on a walk and be all mindful and stuff. 


I guess that’s it for now. I’ll try to be less shit tomorrow.
Here’s a picture I pinned on Pinterest which pretty accurately represents the relationship between me and my dog. I’m hoping will distract you all from the worst update ever.

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