Lazy Girl does "The Minimalist Challenge" – Day 4

“No Complaint Day”
I might have made a slight whoopsie. I complained about e-mail writing this morning. I did quickly identify my words as complain-y words and stopped speaking. Onwards and upwards. 
I think I’ve failed today. No. I don’t THINK I’ve failed. I know I have. I complained. I complained a lot and very loudly for about an hour. I could defend myself but I’m not sure that’s the point of the day. Instead I’m identifying the cause of my complaints so that for the rest of the day and for as long as I can manage I might complain less or not at all. 
Here’s what I understand about why I complain:
I get impatient very quickly and when I get impatient I get stressed. When I get stressed I get anxious and when I get anxious I get fidgety and frustrated. In my fidgety and frustrated state I have a very very very short fuse and tend to run my mouth off about stuff. 
Look at me identifying my emotions and stuff! What’s going on?!
The point of this no-complaining day is to see how much you can get done when you’re not mouthing off about everything that’s wrong with your life. Looking at this from a ‘minimalist’ point of view if you’re cutting complaining out of your day you’re freeing your thoughts/voice/time for more productivity. 
Did I feel better after I blabbed about? 
No, not really. I just wound myself up. I did, however, find the solution to my problems and did my best to fix it. I mean, I complained a lot as I was fixing but still… baby steps. 
It’s good being aware of when complaining is about to happen. I think I need more time to think about how to stop myself from letting it all run away from me.
Good thoughts for today.
Ah well,


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