What I Know Now

What I Know Now
I know that spot cream doesnt work.
I know that alcohol makes your head hurt.
I know that I dont actually suck at writing.
I know that lemons are illness fighting.
I know that sleep is good but if you need to write do that instead.
I know that large parties fill me with dread.
I know that love does not equal pain.
I know that trying to be cool makes you very, very lame.
I know that I never really enjoy zoos.
I know that toast and butter trumps almost all foods.
I know that I have lethal eyes.
I know that I will leave if I hear any lies.
I know that it is possible to eat a pack of biscuits in 5 minutes.
I know that nothing can be as bad as you think that it is.
I know that balloons hurt my ears.
I know that the dark is not as bad as it appears.
I know that onions make you cry when they get sliced.
I know that movies manipulate emotions and thats quite nice.
I know that if they dont like you now they probably just wont.
I know that grades really dont matter, they really dont.
I know that if you dont sleep your nails fall off.
I know that you can never be full, so just go ahead and scoff.
I know that I cant sneeze and drive.
I know that its my friends that keep me alive.
I know that everybody is a certain kind of clever.
I know that hearts can heal and that you wont be in pain forever.
I know that its okay to spend the day in bed.
I know that my thoughts just kind of swirl around my head.
I know that the answer to everything is pizza,
I know that nothing is as gross at feets are.
I know that sleep is good and not bad.
I know that some things just make you feel sad.
I know that you have to keep you chin up to succeed.
I know that everything you do should fulfil your needs.
I know that everything is going to be completely okay.
I know that you can do it, whatever you want, no matter what they say.

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