Week 11 - In which I definitely do NOT panic...

I’m not panicking, you are!

My official hand in date is 14th August. I’m writing this on the 6th. That means I have about a week left to go.

Here’s where I’m at:

2nd Draft of Our Hero Rhea. Currently working on a total character rewrite for my bad guy which might end up changing the entire course of the story.

1st Draft of Fettle’s Tale #1. Half way though! Damn it! This one has really been neglected. It was an experiment which I kind of thought had failed which is why I’m so reluctant to work on it.

1st Draft of Fettle’s Tale #2. This one is basically done. But it’s over the page limit by a lot. I just need to make the time to fix it and make it shorter. It should be alright. It SHOULD be.

I’m just gunna say it. I’m panicking.

But it wouldn’t be the last week of a deadline if I wasn’t panicking and really behind schedules.

PS. I moved house this week. And I thought I’d share how AWESOME my new built in bookshelves are! I have soooo much space for books! BOOKS!


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