The Minimalist Challenge: February Wrap Up and beginning of March..

Mar 3, 2017

It’s the end of February and I’m calling it for the Minimalist Challenge.

What did I learn? I learnt that there is no one way to be minimalist and the challenges did not always reflect my own ideas of what it means to embrace minimalism. But both ways are valid. You can be minimalist and need to use the internet in the morning. You can be minimalist and find sitting meditation a very stressful activity (It didn’t quite work out for me even with my app).

What will I take away? I would say that minimalism and I are friends. I like the simplicity of single tasking, it’s hard but it’s a great way to focus the mind. I love getting rid of clutter. I love the idea organising your mind and your goals etc etc.

What’s next? Now that I’ve made a start on decluttering my home and world*, I’m going to try the same thing for my body. That’s right folks, I’m going healthy… ish. Sort of. March is about health, movement and not binging.

*I’m not just going to stop incorporating aspects the minimalist lifestyle into my life this month is meant to be a boost; a motivation to keep on going!

Thanking for reading!

Druid Georgi

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