Ten Days to Book It #4

Oct 30, 2017

I lost my notebook. It’s causing me problems.

But HOW? Well, I stopped writing in it. I’ve been writing almost exclusive on my laptop for ages. Months, in fact. I don’t want to say that that’s a mistake… but it’s a mistake.

I’m having major issues with one of my characters and I’ve always found it easier to write through these issues by hand. Someone somewhere might know why I feel that way, I don’t know. All I know is that I need my notebook and that I’m suddenly very aware that it’s not here.

This has happened once before. When I was a super awkward teenager and I was religious about three things. The first was writing in my diary. The second was that amazing band, Busted. And the third was martial arts. This story involves all three of these things.

I would go to martial arts quite a few times a week. Three or four times, I think. I would go straight from school and wait for my advanced class to start (because I was super advanced!). So as I waited I would write in my diary. This little purple ring-bound thing that I could fit into my school jacket pocket and carry around all the time. It had tiny polaroids of me and my friends on the front. And on the back, I think it had “KEEP OUT” in bubble writing. But I can’t quite remember.

Anyway, one day, I’d been doing just that. Waiting for my class to start and writing in my diary. When I had to do something for the dojo. It wasn’t that uncommon for us to have to carry gloves and boxing pads to and from the different rooms. So I must have left my diary on the seat and forgotten all about it. Then, I did my class and went home. But the diary didn’t make it home.

I was well into my pasta parcel dinner when it washed over me. That numbness. That dread. That feeling you get when something that’s supposed to be for your eyes only is released into the wilds of the world without you. And because I was a teenager and had no control because my mum would drive me everywhere. I couldn’t run back to get it.

And then there’s what was inside. I was trying out a ‘new thing’. For those of you who are familiar with this blog, you’ll know that I love to try new things. (In the most fleeting fashion known to humanity.) Nope, this is not a new trait. Teenage Georgi loved to try new things too. Making sausage dogs out of polymer clay (yep… that’s not new). Making a giant yellow smiley face out of little strands of wool… Umm, what else did I do? Oh, it doesn’t matter the point is, I was trying something new in my diary and it was this:

This week I was drawing each member of Busted and writing out their ‘stats’ (birthday, eye colour, favourite food, that kind of thing) and then saying which one I prefer over the other. And this is why I HAD to get my diary back. I couldn’t risk people reading it. It would be the end of my life. Needless to say, I went back the next day and got my diary back. I don’t know if anybody read it but if they did they would know all the important facts about the Busted boys and the fact that I liked Charlie the best because of his eyebrows…

And that’s the last time I lost my notebook.

I don’t think that it would be the end of my life if I didn’t see this notebook again. And I’m certainly not embarrassed about its contents, unlike Teenage Georgi. Though if I ever become a super successful author, I’m totally publishing my teenage diaries. I don’t care what Teenage Georgi thinks. People need to know why I really-super-hate my brother right now!!!!

But, I am still very attached to all my notebooks and I feel like, without this one, I’ve been handicapped somehow.

So this is the Ten Days to Book It Update where I write by hand. On printer paper. Because I’m too scared to accept that my notebook is gone and too stingy to start a new one.

Also, NaNoWriMo starts on Wednesday and I’m on there writing a couple of different projects but mostly this Ten Days to Book It book because it’s taking me far longer than ten days!

Thanks for reading!

And if you see a tiny white notebook with a wolf on the cover and an amazing picture of Latrice Royale inside it’s mine and I want it back.

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