Video Game Review: Undertale, Part 1

Oct 24, 2015
Today, a sleepy part one review of Undertale a cute RPG. 
I’ve been watching a couple of my favourite YouTube ‘Let’s Play’ folks play through Undertale and just decided to buy it on impulse today after finding out that Shovel Knight isn’t actually released for another week. In the game you control a human who some how sort of finds their way into an underworld of monsters and has to get out alive. 
It sounds kind of generic when I write down the basics like that. The gameplay itself reminds me of the early Pokemon games, you wonder around and every now and again you have to battle with monsters, playing a turn based fighting game. (Similar to Pokemon battles but without the capturing part.) It’s kinda special though, because you don’t have to kill anyone in order to ‘win’ the game. All the characters can be convinced into sparing your life in one way or another. Sometimes it’s a simple case of boosting a sad ghost’s self-esteem, other times it’s a little more tricky. These are complex monsters after all! It’s all part of the fun, like trying to figure out the right combination of actions to do to get the cute dog soldiers to roll onto their back and wave their legs in the air. It’s damned adorable!
“But Georgi,” I hear you cry! “You’ve already watched someone play it, how can it be fun for you tooooo?” Good question, buddy! I’m glad you asked! (Let’s just gloss over the talking to oneself thing for another day shall we?) I’ve watched a lot of play throughs, A LOT, but this is the first game that I’ve watched multiple times. There’s just something about the creative character design, the option to play as a pacifist and the tongue-in-cheek humour that just speaks to me. I just feel like this game gets me, y’know?!
I’m only an hour into the game right now so clearly I’m still hopelessly in love with it.
I’ll check back in when I’m angry at it for letting me down in some way. 
And then again when it’s apologised and fed me Nicecreams.
And then again when I’ve OWNED the game… whhhh—tssshhh! 
Like I said at the top of this review, I’m sleepy and have disintegrated into sounds. 
Snore. Zzz.


Here are some screenshots of the game:




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