Quaybrooke Adventures

Welcome to Quaybrooke. Please keep your arms, legs, tails, ears, noses and rumps inside the vehicle at all times. The residents are easily shocked and prone to outbursts of underwhelming magic. But they’re dangerous, none the less. I’m so glad to see so many of you on the tour this fine, bleak morning. I’m amazed you’re even here. Quaybrooke is the forgotten city here in the UK and has been for thousands of years.
How did you get here? Never mind. Sit back and relax. I’ll take you on a wonderful journey through Quaybrooke where nothing bad ever doesn’t normally seem to happen unless it does and then you know something strange is about to unfold.
Quaybrooke is a world I’ve been working on for a little while and now I’m kicking my writing butt into shape. The goal is to finish a story from Quaybrooke in some form or another.
I’ve got a fancy graph to track my progress with a handy little shame line. I reckon I can write about 5000 words a week so the line goes up like that. As you can see, I’m not starting at zero. I already have words written for this project, 7820 words, but I want more. I hope you’ll follow me on this little writing journey. It might turn into something great.