Planning and Train Valley - Blogmas Day 12

Dec 13, 2017

I did some Christmas shopping! I’m feeling very accomplished! This year, I have no money, Anything I earn just goes right back into rent and bills. So gift buying is getting creative. I have to think about what people like and then make it special somehow. And what does everybody like?

Food! Chocolate! Pastries! Snacks! 

I’m basically making everyone sweets and treats for Christmas. Last year I made chocolates and they were well received so I’ll be doing that again! Yesterday, I shopped for the ingredients; Butt-tonne of chocolate, cream, more chocolate… And at some point over the next week, I’ll make it.

Day twelve was a positive day, I wrote some stuff, I went outside. But it quickly disintegrated into an evening of stress, shouting and mayhem. Don’t worry! It’s nothing serious… It’s this stupid game:

Don’t be fooled! Train Valley is not a lovely little game about trains… It’s evil. I couldn’t do it and I couldn’t quit! I’m getting frustrated just thinking about it. It’s a simple puzzle(?) game that’s very addictive. You’ve gotta watch how much money you’re spending, which trains are going where, and how many stations are popping up. If you don’t everything crashes and burns and then you’re a loser. (I’m crying…)

If you’ve got the cash and a lot of free time (which I really don’t but I’m really good at pushing all of the things I have to do out of my head) definitely DON’T BUY THIS GAME! (No, do, it’s really fun.)

I also ate 3 mince pies yesterday and I’m not sorry.

Quick summary for Blogmas day 12:
I’ve planned to make chocolates next week.
Don’t buy Train Valley!
Portion control doesn’t matter over Christmas.

Oh dear, this content is really something special!

Thanks for reading.

And I’m sorry.

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