My Face! Sketchtember - Day 1

Sep 1, 2017

Day 1 – Draw Yourself!

Welcome to Day 1 of Sketchtember! Whoop!

Today has been kind of stressful life wise. Emailing back a forth with a company who owes me an apology for a massive lack of customer care. I fished really hard for just one “sorry” and it didn’t come. Really frustrating. I worked in customer service and the customer is king. Especially if you’ve been negligent for whatever reason. You just own up to your mistakes and say sorry. It’s so simple.

Why is it so hard for people apologize?

Anyway, I managed to shut off for a couple of hours. Put on a playlist and I tried my best to draw myself. It was very calming. Here’s the result:


Faces are hard. But I tried. Tomorrow I’ll try to find a better way to show off the drawings. My phone camera is clearly not up to the task!

I’ve got a new set up too! I’m a massive fan of the dual screen! And the dual crumpets! Not such a fan of all the cables but what can you do?!


Have a good day everybody! Remember to be nice!

Thanks for reading!

(Sorry for complaining about people not saying sorry.)

(And sorry for apologising.)

(And for apologising for that.)

(And that.)

(Damn it! See you tomorrow.)

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