I'm really lazy. The Minimalist Challenge: Day 15

Feb 18, 2017

Day 15: Examine your daily habits. 

I’m going to try not to be too judgemental of myself here! I’ve examined both my good and bad habits, and here they are in list form:

  • Good Daily Habits
    • Breakfast! I always eat breakfast! I make this amazing porridge; oats, water, peanut butter, cocoa powder and raisins. Healthy chocolate for breakfast! NOM!
    • Cleaning up the kitchen. Whilst I wait for my coffee to cook I’ll potter around and tidy. It makes me feel good knowing that the house is happy.
    • Make the bed! Pick it up, put it down. It’s not that difficult!
    • I try to DO SOMETHING. I try to set myself a task or two for the day. Even if I’m feeling shit I’ll try to set a small manageable task.
    • Green Tea. I love green tea. Brew meditation, innit! Plus the health benefits of green tea are too good to skip. 3-4 Gilmore Girls size mugs a day.
    • Handwriting. I write a lot of words in a day. Most of them are typed on a screen but even when I do that I’ll try to take notes in a notebook with a pen. It’s a good practice to get in to if you want to be a writer.
    • Home cooking. We try to not eat ready meals. We’ve perfected our big curries and chilli that lasts a couple of days. And I’m working on some yummy soups. Home cooked meals are cheaper than ready meals, taste better and are a nice activity we tend to do together.
  • Bad Daily Habits
    • All of the coffee. I average 4 cups a day. After years of terrible, terrible sleep habits, I try to stop drinking coffee before 2pm. This means that I’m guzzling it all morning. I’m also really awful and use coffee pods… sorry.
    • Waking up late. When I have ‘nothing to do’, meaning something that makes me leave the house, I am likely to sleep until 10/11am. It’s bad. I know it’s bad.
    • Computers/Screens. I can whittle the day away scrolling on Reddit, watching YouTube videos, binge-watching TV shows, or playing computer games. It eats up my day.
    • Not moving. I can sit in the same place for hours. Writing is a pretty sedentary task. Reading is a pretty sedentary task. I don’t move very much and my butt knows it.
    • Staying up late. This is probably the result of all of the above bad habits. Sleeping until 11am then topped up on coffee, not moving all day plus no concept of time because of all the screens equals staying up until 2/3am. Which sucks if you have a meeting at 9am the next day.

So there are the ones I’ve observed over the last couple of days. My bad habits used to be worse, at least I don’t smoke or drink anymore! I don’t necessarily want to ‘get rid’ of an of the bad stuff I do but I would love to balance them out with better good habits. For example: If I know I’m going to spend all day sitting, I should plan a morning/evening walk/run. I don’t know. I need to think more about balancing habits.

Thanks for reading!

Update! I’m wearing my happy clothes! It may not be ‘fashion’ but I think I look like a trendy Hobbit so I’m okay with that! Also these trousers are way more comfy than jeans. I’m loving strutting around in these clothes. Strut strut strut! Hobbit hobbit hobbit!


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