How To Live: Procrastinating When You Work From Home.

Mar 9, 2018

I know what you’re thinking! There are ENDLESS ways to procrastinate when you’re in your home and all your stuff is around you. You don’t need me to tell you how to do it!

But here I’ve compiled the perfect day in the eyes of a procrastinating genius whose general rule is this, ‘I’m sat at my desk so I’m working… riiight?’ 

Want to learn how to be a girl boss without accomplishing anything?! You NEED to read on!

So, let’s get started!

  1. Sleep through your alarm.
  2. Have a ‘leisurely’ breakfast because you deserve it!
  3. Spend an hour watching youtube videos for ‘research‘…
  4. Spend another hour restyling your planner… Or just doodling on post-its.
  5. TEA BREAK! But you can’t work and drink tea! So start up Netflix.
  6. Are you hungry? You probably are… maybe go make a sandwich or nip to the shops for a meal deal.
  7. Quick! You’ve written, like, 2 words! Write a thousand on something that’s not due for another month… Don’t think about that deadline on Friday… Don’t…
  8. You need more tea. And a biscuit. YouTube sucks you in for another hour.
  9. You decide to light a candle because of Hygge. You spend the next hour playing with melted wax but you can’t JUST do that, so let YouTube play old footage of the Batchelor. What? It’s research!
  10. It’s 4pm and you know what that means?! HOBBY TIME! Take out your sketchbook or instrument or woodcarving implements and show off your best skills! Because you can’t be your best self if you’re not being creative.
  11. You look at yourself and realise that you’re still in your pyjamas, how did that happen? You’re supposed to be an adult and adults get dressed every day, so you go do that.
  12. The pile of dirty clothes is now just all your clothes, you do laundry.
  13. FINALLY back at your desk! Time to do wor— Oh, your other half is home. Phew, end of the day! Time to relax because you deserve it!

The moral is this: Do your work. Because otherwise, you’ll look like a tit and not in a nice way.

Thanks for Reading!

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