Video Game Review: The Colonists - Settlements & Strategy

Feb 4, 2019

The Colonists: Overview

The Colonists is a simple settlement building strategy game. The goal is to build a new home for a colony of robots that want to be human. It’s made by Codebyfire and Mode 7, both UK based companies.

  • Priced at £19.49 (I think it’s worth every penny.)
  • Very easy to pick up.
  • Relaxing & slow paced.
  • A simple and charming visual style.
  • Quite challenging! (Especially in campaign mode.)
  • It’s like Banished or Rise of Industry but with cute robots.
  • If you’re addicted to games that require organisation, this is for you.


As far as settlement building games go this one feels very streamlined. You start off building the basics; residences, woodcutters, miners, a well, and farms. All connected by roads and paths. The roads work like a delivery chain. A little robot (or carribot) sits on each section of road and transports your goods from one place to the other.

As your settlement grows so do the needs of your little robots. The transport chains become complex webs as the carribots scurry from place to place. Fulfilling the needs of each robot in the colony.

The way win this game is to focus on your roads! Trust me.

Research Tree

Yes, of course, this game has a research tree. Unlocked when you build your workshop. I suggest doing this ASAP so you can unlock the more complex buildings in the game.

For me, research trees make or break these games. If they’re overly complicated it ruins the flow. I tend to get frustrated and quit if they’re like this. On the flip side of this, if they’re too simple then you can feel overpowered, unchallenged or like you have no choice. And that’s not great either. The Colonists, I would say, sways towards being simple.

In the beginning, there’s enough to keep you busy. But somewhere in the middle of each scenario, I’ve found that I can power through each research point pretty quickly leaving me a little unguided.


The last aspect of the game I’m going to talk about is discovery. In order to complete each level of the game, you’ll need to explore the map to find different resources. The Watchtowers allow you to do that on land. Eventually, you’ll build boats for sea exploration.

In The Colonists exploration is a little clunky. Watchtowers take ages to build and don’t actually expand the map enough. Plus! When you’ve expanded further, built roads and settled, destroying a watchtower is not an option. It puts the shadow back onto that area of the map and any buildings inside burn away. Not great when you’re trying to make a neat little settlement! It’s my one frustration with this game – that I don’t think is a necessary mechanic.


The Colonists is a great little game. If you’re into settlement building games then it’s definitely one to add to your library.

Watching the little bots do their thing is very relaxing and I’ve found it quite a peaceful game to play. The music helps with this atmosphere too. Overall, the lack of danger or jeopardy in this game is a relief.

I’m a gamer who loves being super organised. Especially in settlement building games! The Colonists definitely welcomes me in with open arms. I get the same feeling with this game as I do with Banished, Rimworld, and Oxygen Not Included

However, there are a few things to watch out for. The Colonists is definitely not a game for those who want to move quickly and win fast. If you play it trying to build everything and researching everything in the first in-game year, you’ll find chaos! And it won’t be fun. Patience is a skill this game cannot research for you but one that you need when playing. And because of that it might lose out on a few positive reviews…

And Finally…

Pros: Cute style. Simple game play. Very addictive. Relaxing.

Cons: Sometimes pacing is clunky. Pricey.

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