Fidgeting For Lunch. Wellness Challenge 2019: Day 9

Jul 10, 2019

Wellness Challenge 2019: Day 9

Fidgeting For Lunch

For wellness challenge 2019: Day 9. This ‘refresh’ task is to have a phone-free lunch. And I’m here for it! I hate my phone. I don’t hate a lot of things in this world. At least I try not to. But I would happily ditch my phone in a second. If it weren’t a social life killer to do so.

The NYT Well Challenge seems to be about living in the present moment. And this daily task is another way for us to practice that. By switching off for the lunch hour this task asks us to focus on the world around us. Taste your food, people watch in the park, listen to the sounds of the town you live in. It says to practice this phone-free lunch for the whole week. So I’m going to try it and see how I feel!

What I thought

Obviously, this is only the first day of my phone-free lunch practice. It’s also one of those days where I seem to be on everybody’s mind. I’m getting emails and text messages all over the place. I decided to go outside for a walk. – But my phone is the key to my office (thanks to technology) so I had to take my phone with me. But I didn’t look at it! It just hung there at the end of my arm as I found my way to a little art exhibit in the park.

It was nice to explore, get the steps in and take a moment of fresh air. I have no complaints, except that I wish that my whole life could be phone, sometimes even screen, free. I’m definitely going to continue this little habit and expand it to include all screens. That’s right TV I’m talking to you!

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