Exercise of a Lazy Girl

Mar 4, 2015
I used to be active. Quite active. I’ve got a black belt which took years of intense workouts to get. I’ve climbed various mountains and trekked in various places around the world. I used to run, daily. Go to the gym. I was what you would call a “fit person”.
But now… I’m pretty lazy. I spend a large portion of my day sitting and the rest of the day is designated for travelling to and from my sitting location, plus occasional visits to the fridge. 
The other day I was sitting in bed with my laptop and realised my stomach was a little more convex than usual. I didn’t like it. So like every single aspect of my life, I turned to Pinterest for the answer. 
I’ve found all manner of workouts, challenges and goals and to cut this rather boring story short, I’m going to do them. Well a few…. And because I feel this blog getting rather stale I’m going to record the things I find. Not to make it less stale but just to keep be a little more active. (Get it? Get it?)
So I picked a bunch of the ‘challenges’ that looked active enough for someone as lazy as me and I’m going to do them every day for 30 days. 
I don’t really read a lot of exercise-y or fitness-y type blogs but I’m aware that there is a fashion for measuring success with some before and after ab selfies (selfies of your abs). I’m not going to do this because I don’t want to. Instead I will rely on the old poke-it-and-see-how-hard-it-feels to determine my own success.
I will be poking four parts of my body; thighs, glutes (the butt if you want to be vulgar), abs and biceps and rating them on their squishiness, 10 is Lumpy Space Princess and 1 is Hercules. 
I started on the 2nd March. It’s the 4th now so I’m nearly at my first rest day this is where I will measure my progress. 
Before I reveal the all important starting measurements, I should say that I don’t really carry a lot of extra fat so my squishiness is all relative, but this is just for fun so relax a bit!
Starting measurements are: 
Biceps: 6. 
Abs: Big old 10. 
Glutes: 8. 
Thighs: 5. (My thighs have always been two solid machines, I’ll be poking them from a standing position to get the best reading) 
So a few other measurements for the sake of science… We all know this is going to be a fun science experiment.
General Body Measurements.
Hips: 40” Waist 28” Bust 36”. 
I don’t think these will change much but we shall see. I shrug, you shrugged too.
Mood and Productivity levels:
So if a few years of depression have taught me anything its that being inactive is worse for you than being active. Even though most of the time feels like the opposite and exercise is easily less appealing than licking between the toes of someone with athletes foot. So I’m going to measure my mood using an app I use already called Moodscope (https://www.moodscope.com/) and that’s measured in percentage.
On the 04/03/2015 I’m at 21%
Honestly I’m not sure how much exercise will effect this but all the literature I’ve read says that it does so I will be open minded.
Finally, I will measure my productivity in screenplay pages.
On the 02/03/2015 I was at page 38. 
It’s taken me a few months to get there so I’m hoping that exercise could boost me forward a few dozen pages.
So I guess that’s it. I’ll write again tomorrow to record my new measurements and to tell you generally how I’m feeling about this whole thing. I know that everyone will be waiting with bated breath AND on the edge of their seats. See you tomorrow.
Here’s my exercise challenge chart. I was going to make a nice pretty word processed table but then I decided that I couldn’t be bothered. And if you’re paying attention you can clearly see that the first few lines have been crossed off (as I’m sure the geniuses among you have figured out) this means that I’ve done that days work. (Jaws dropping everywhere!) Okay that’s all now.


BYE! x

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